Linux Integration Services Version 2.1 now has support for Timesync, Integrated Shutdown and Symmetric Multi-Processing (SMP) up to 4 virtual processors.

  1. Get the Linux Integration Services 2.1 Beta from
  2. Extract the files and insert the .iso as a disk in your virtual machine
  3. Now the hard/long part, update your Kernel with version (This is out of scope, so you will have to look for info on how to do this).
  4. Reboot and choose your new Kernel
  5. #mount /cdrom
  6. #mkdir /opt/linux_ic_v21_rc
  7. #cp /cdrom/* /opt/linux_ic_v21_rc -R
  8. #mkdir /etc/sysconfig/network
  9. # cd /opt/linux_ic_v21_rc  -R
  10. Modify the Mafile file replacing all the occurrences of —reload-rules with —reload_rules
  11. Modify the scripts/ file commenting lines 79 to 87 and adding this line after that $initrdfile = “/boot/initrd.img-″;  
  12. Modify scripts/ file replacing line 55 with $grubfile = “/boot/grub/menu.lst”;
  13. #apt-get install chkconfig
  14. #make
  15. #make install
  16. Modify your /etc/init.d/vmbus file commenting lines 55 to 61 and 108 to 112. Also replace line 73 with return 0 and 75 with return 1
  17. Modify your /etc/network/interfaces file replacing eth0 with seth0
  18. Modify your /etc/initramfs-tools/modules file adding a vmbus line and a netvsc line
  19. #update-initramfs –u –k
  20. Shutdown your virtual machine #init 0
  21. Replace your legacy network adapter with a normal Network adapter copying your old adapter’s MAC to your new adapter
  22. Start your virtual machine
  23. That’s it, now you have a Debian Hyper-V virtual machine with Integration Services.